Patriotic Food; Blenheim Apricots; American Cheese; Whoopie Pies

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We are celebrating the Fourth of July here at Good Food and that means we are getting patriotic.  Sandy Oliver reveals what our Founding Fathers ate during the Colonial era.  It's certainly different from what we're eating today, says Michael Pollan.  He describes the paradox of the American diet.  American cheese is more than just orange slices wrapped in plastic.  Liz Thorpe of Murray's Cheese showcases a new artisanal cheese community in the U.S.  Jonathan Gold joins the Good Food Pie-a-Day madness by recommending the best pies in Los Angeles.  Chris Kimball of America's Test Kitchen shares a few treasured lost recipes.  Scott Gold thinks whiskey should be considered an American treasure.  Whoopie pies are certainly a uniquely American treat.  Amy Bouchard describes this fluffy, creamy dessert.  And Blenheim apricots have arrived at Southern California farmers markets.  Roxana Jullapat shares a few recipes for this local fruit.

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