Plastics, barbacoa, Wolfgang Puck

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“The Plastic Bag Store” is stocked with products made from collected materials. Artist Robin Frohardt hopes visitors will consider their single-use plastic but puts the onus on big companies to do better. Photo by Tony Lewis.

Evan Kleiman visits “The Plastic Bag Store,” where artist Robin Frohardt has designed products from collected materials that speak to the foreverness of single-use plastics and what it means for the future. Bill Esparza journeys through Los Angeles for barbacoa, the pit-roasted meat found across Mexico. The availability window for Blenheim apricots is open, and Sherry Yard shares how she is using those from See Canyon Fruit Ranch. Director David Gelb reveals the rise of the celebrity chef in his new documentary “Wolfgang.” Journalist and editor Laurie Ochoa remembers Chef Mark Peel. Finally, Los Angeles Times restaurant critic Bill Addison returns with his weekly reviews.



Evan Kleiman