Soaring food prices, Macedonian cuisine, Lebanese pop-up, and tortillas

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Bill Addison discovers homestyle Lebanese food not typically found on restaurant menus at Mama Lina Cooks, including this samke harra — fish cloaked in tahini sauce with layers of cilantro and walnuts, and topped with pine nuts, slivered almonds, and more walnuts. Photo by Bill Addison.

Eighteen months into the pandemic, the days of hoarding toilet paper are mercifully over. But that’s not to say there aren’t disruptions in the supply chain causing shortages on grocery store shelves, along with inflation. Laura Reiley reports on the business of food and why groceries are going to cost more through the end of the year. Gustavo Arellano is back with the annual Great Tortilla Tournament, which has been narrowed down to the Suave 16. Katerina Nitsou shares comfort food recipes from Macedonia that are perfect for the cooling forecast. LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison discovers homestyle Lebanese recipes made from a kitchen in Hollywood. And market correspondent Gillian Ferguson tracks down guava and perilla at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market that are ripe for this Indian Summer.



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