Sorghum; Community Ovens; A Perfect Daiquiri

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Even if you have heard of sorghum, do you really know what it is? Chef Sean Brock describes the classic Southern sweetener that he grew up with and his quest to keep it in production. Mixologist Allan Katz breaks down rum into three simple categories. La Descarga's rum guru Steve Livigni describes how to make the perfect daiquiri and Tom Gjelten traces the effect of the Cuban Revolution on the Bacardi family and rum distillation in Cuba. A group of Los Angeles bakers build a community oven and independent producer Sasa Woodruff gets the story. Plus, Jonathan Gold tells us where to find a unique Mexican lager on tap in Whittier and Allison Costa walks us through the culinary highlights in Ojai and Ventura.

Banner image: Top Hat at 299 East Main Street, Ventura. Photo courtesy of the Santa Barbara Conservancy

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