Healing spices, Old Bay, fava beans, Angelini Osteria

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Old Bay seasoning has an avid fan following, but many would be surprised to learn of its Jewish roots. Photo courtesy of Old Bay.

Spices are used every day to give our food character and identity, and the spice trade was a blueprint for colonization and capitalism. But the spices themselves are magical gifts that bring together nature, culture, flavor, and tradition. To witness the resilience of culture and of community, just follow how spices, and in particular spice blends, travel with diasporas across the globe. 

Also this week, Dr. David Shorter of UCLA shares how his team documents the history of foods for healing and wellness. Scott Hattis celebrates the Latin pantry. Food writer Leah Siefeld uncovers the origins of Old Bay. Chef Anas Atassi shares how sumac is used in the kitchen throughout the day in Syria. Fava beans are sprouting up at the farmer’s market. Finally, an Italian institution on Beverly Boulevard is the focus of this week’s “In the Weeds.” 



Evan Kleiman