Thanksgiving pie advice: Put a stop to shrinking crusts and unreliable crimps

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The year was 2016 and in a not so lucid moment, Good Food host Evan Kleiman took Thanksgiving pie orders from KCRW co-workers. Photo by Evan Kleiman.

Every year, the same pie dilemmas arise. Why do crusts shrink? What happens to that perfect crimp in the oven? With his science background, Nik Sharma has answers. The flour to fat ratio is crucial in pie-making. Make sure to weigh the flour rather than using measuring cups, he urges. Use American-style butter rather than European, which has more fat that'll liquify in the oven. Frozen pie dough will also hold its shape better in a hot oven.

Need a pumpkin pie alternative? Nik has a crustless bibingka that tastes like you're eating just the pie filling. It uses coconut milk, eggs, sugar, miso, turmeric, and pumpkin puree. Hetty Lui McKinnon suggests a sugary but light pavlova or a lazy tiramisu using canned squash and mascarpone without eggs. 

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