The Baja Show: Javier Plascencia, Baja Craft Beer and Wine

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It's the Baja edition of Good Food. We start with a market report from the Mercado Hidalgo in Tijuana. Chef Javier Plascencia says he stops by at least once a week to pick up everything from dried chiles to local honey. Next we visit with Rubén Valenzuela, owner of Baja Craft Beers, a pub and distributing company for craft beers in Mexico. We travel south to Ensenada to visit Sabina Bandera - aka La Guerrerense - who is famous for her uni tostadas with fresh clams and homemade salsas. Bill Esparza, our leader on the Baja adventure, explains that the classic fish tacos from Ensenada originated as a snack for local fisherman. Next, we drive fifteen minutes inland to the Valle de Guadalupe, home to over fifty wineries. Also in the valley are roughly fifteen campestres. These campsite restaurants are outdoor and seasonal, operating only during the summer months. Chef Benito Molina operates Silvestre, one of the first campestres in the area with a 180° view of vineyards and low lying mountains. Down the road is La Escuelita, a wine incubator owned by local wine legend Hugo D'Acosta. The director of the school, Tomas Egly, explains that the school's mission is to give aspiring winemakers the tools to make quality wines. Our last stop in the Valle de Guadalupe is Las Nubes, a winery owned by Victor Segura. Wine-making is a second career for Segura who worked in seafood for many years. Now he operates the tasting room and tends the vines at Las Nubes. Back in Los Angeles, Jonathan Gold drops by to discuss where you can find Baja-inspired eats in LA.

Special thanks to our guide, Bill Esparza, and photographer Oana Marian for contributing to this episode of Good Food.

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