The Best of 2009; Pie; Smoked Fish; Vegan Before Six

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Today on the show, the best of Good Food from 2009.  Jon Reiner is the man who couldn't eat.  The treatment for his Crohn's disease forced him to stop drinking or eating anything for several months.  Rachael Sheridan of Cube Marketplace on La Brea muses about her love of pie.  Good Food listener Mars Berman is living and Poland and continues to be amazed at some of their food customs.  She describes the concept of the Polish second breakfast.  We take trip to the Lower East Side of New York City and Russ and Daughters' Appetizing Store.  Nikki Federman is a fourth generation Russ and runs the store with her cousin.  Novella Carpenter is farming on a dead end street in the middle of the Oakland ghetto.  What it means to be vegan before 6 pm.  Mark Bittman of the New York Times explains.  Amy Stewart reveals the deadly nature of some plants.  Scott Gold, the Shameless Carnivore eats the Peruvian delicacy of cuy, or guinea pig.  And Laura Avery has a rhubarb margarita at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

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