The Temple of Smoked Fish

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The Russ Family

Josh and Niki

Niki Federman runs Russ and Daughters, an appetizing store on the Lower East Side of New York.  In the Jewish tradition, an appetizing store sells fish and dairy.  Meat, which has to be bought separately, was purchased at a delicatessen.  

Joel Russ started the business with a pushcart, selling Polish mushrooms and smoked fish to the Jewish immigrant community.  In 1914 he opened a shop on Houston Street in Manhattan.  Ninety-five years later the shop is still selling smoked fish, along with herring, caviar and other imported goods.  In 1933 Joel Russ changed the name to Russ & Daughters.  It's the first business to have "& Daughters" in the title.  Niki Federman and Josh Russ are the fourth generation of the Russ family and they run the store today.

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Matjes Herring

Matjes Herring


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