The Google Food Program; Boiler Makers; Parker House Rolls

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Would you be a happier employee if your company paid for your lunch? Google seems to think so. Olivia Wu, Quentin Topping and Scott Giambastiani are three of the company's executive chefs who are responsible for feeding 10,000 Googlers breakfast, lunch and dinner -- for free each day. LA Times Food Editor Russ Parsons shares his tips for using up the glut of winter citrus, and LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold discovers the largest garlic knot in Los Angeles. The Super Bowl is near, and this year the game takes place in Indiana. Joanne Raetz Stuttgen tells us what Super Bowl-goers can expect from Hoosier food. Dave Ritchie gives us a history of Parker House Rolls and Tim Goodell tells us how to make them. Plus, Beer Chick Hallie Beaune gives the classic Boiler Maker a makeover.

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