Chef José Andrés shares a tip on conquering picky eaters

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Chef José Andrés and his daughters eat their way through Spain in his TV series on Discovery+. Photo courtesy of Discovery.

On his podcast "Longer Tables," José Andrés invited his three daughters as guests. "Nothing comes with instructions," the chef says of fatherhood. 

When asked if his daughters were picky eaters growing up, the chef reveals that when he met his wife, she was the most difficult eater in the family, only eating chicken soup… but then he worked his magic. 

As a father, the tactic he used with the girls was similar to how his mother fed him. 

“The more they complained, the more I made them eat what they didn't want," Andrés says. While green peppers are now one of his favorites, he resisted the vegetable as a child. His oldest daughter Carlota is now always on the lookout for new restaurants and has recommendations for hot spots. Inés, his middle child, likes to cook in her dorm and sends him pictures of dishes she makes, the most recent being a snapshot of a roasted chicken. Lucía, the baby of the family, loves sweets and is influenced by her sisters. During the pandemic, they traveled together to film "José Andrés and Family in Spain," which is available on Discovery+.