Barbacoa, wine, wanderlust, Bourdain

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Roaming along in Rome, Chef Renee Erickson was inspired by her favorite destinations, which also include London, Paris, and Baja California, in her latest cookbook “Getaway.” Photo by Jim Henkens.

This week, Bill Esparza continues his trek through California in search of the best barbacoa. Matt Kettmann makes recommendations for tasting room visits in Santa Barbara wine country. Chef Renee Erickson has recipes inspired by her travel, making a getaway as close as the kitchen. Food stylist and chef Sarah Glover offers kid-friendly camping cooking tips that spark imagination for overnighters in the wild. If you’re looking to escape the heat at a movie theater, Morgan Neville’s new film “Roadrunner” reveals the joys and pain of the most recognized traveler of our time — Anthony Bourdain. Plus, a quick trip to the farmer’s market for summer corn.



Evan Kleiman