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Move over green tea, Japan has one of the largest coffee cultures in the world and as anthropologist Merry White reports, they take their caffeine very seriously. Coffee connoiseur Kevin Sinnott also takes his coffee seriously; he shares his tips for brewing the perfect cup of pour over coffee. Bars and individuals are reacting to anti-gay legislation in Russia by calling for a Stoli vodka boycott; KCRW’s All Things Considered host Steve Chiotakis looks into whether or not product boycotts are successful. Jonathan Gold reviews the new Peruvian restaurant Paiche and shares some details on the giant Amazonian fish the restaurant is named for. Fermentation guru Sandor Katz discusses fermented meat and fish. Plus, Chef Kory Stewart talks foraging and Ghillie James offers tips on utilizing your freezer. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Pernilla Carpenter about tomatoes and Steve Roberts says he is shopping for peak season produce for his Redondo Beach restaurant.

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David Tanis

Main Topic Market Report 7 MIN, 33 SEC
Pernilla Carpenter, along with her husband Mark, are farmers at Coastal Organics. They are literally swimming in tomatoes at the Wednesday and Saturday Santa Monica Farmers Markets. Look for heirlooms, cherries and sauce tomatoes.
Steve Roberts is the co-owner and consulting chef at Charlie’s Italian Joint in Redondo Beach. He has updated the 20 year old restaurant’s menu with farmers market driven fare from the Santa Monica Farmers Market.
Main Topic The Flavor of Foraged Ingredients 5 MIN, 8 SEC
Kory Stewart is the Executive Chef at Americano Restaurant and the Food and Beverage Manager for Hotel Vitale in San Francisco. Before he began foraging for mushrooms alone, Stewart was mentored by Connie Green who wrote The Wild Table.
Main Topic From Chick Fil-A to Stoli - Do Food and Beverage Boycotts Really Work? 4 MIN, 8 SEC
KCRW’s All Things Considered Host Steve Chiotakis poses the question, “Do food and beverage boycotts really work?” Find out on the Which Way, LA? Blog.
Main Topic Using Your Freezer to Your Advantage 6 MIN, 44 SEC
Ghillie James is the author of the Foolproof Freezer Cookbook. Find a recipe for her No-Churn Ice Cream on the Good Food Blog. Also, you can listen to an outtake about freezer pies.
Main Topic Sandor Katz on Fermented Meat and Fish 7 MIN, 38 SEC
Sandor Katz’s latest book is The Art of Fermentation. He says fermentation is how our ancestors preserved meat and fish.
Main Topic Coffee Culture in Japan 11 MIN, 35 SEC
Merry White is the author of Coffee Life in Japan. Japan is the third largest consumer of coffee in the world, behind the US and Germany.
Main Topic How to Properly Brew Pour Over Coffee 5 MIN, 37 SEC
Kevin Sinnott is the writer behind CoffeeCompanion.com. He also organized the first ever CoffeeCon in Chicago and wrote the book The Art and Craft of Coffee.
He explains the proper technique for brewing pour over coffee.
Main Topic Paiche - A Giant Amazonian Fish and a New Restaurant 7 MIN, 56 SEC

paiche.jpgJonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Times. This week he reviews Paiche, the new Marina del Rey outpost of Chef Ricardo Zarate's growing brand of Peruvian cuisine. The restaurant is named after the Amazonian fish that is featured prominently on the menu. He recommends the kampachi tiradito, paiche tiradito, wagyu tiradito, pacu ribs, saltado de camarones and chaufa de langosta. He also enjoys the cocktails, especially the Pisco Sour.

13488 Maxella Ave
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

All of Jonathan Gold's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food restaurant map.

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