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Photo courtesy of Gideon Brower

Voracious: A Hungry Reader Cooks Her Way through Great Books 8 MIN, 46 SEC

Cara Nicoletti is a butcher, former pastry chef and author of the literary recipe blog, Yummy Books. Nicoletti chronicles her lifelong journey as a food-obsessed bookworm, who cooks her way through her 50 favorite recipes from literature in her new book, Voracious: A Hungry Reader Cooks Her Way through Great Books.

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Cara Nicoletti

Eatymology: The Dictionary of Modern Gastronomy 8 MIN, 35 SEC

Every year, a dozen new words and acronyms are added to the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary. “Hangry” made the cut this year, as did beer o'clock and wine o'clock. Food writer Josh Friedland digs even deeper to expand our culinary vocabulary in his forthcoming book, Eatymology: The Dictionary of Modern Gastronomy.

You may know Josh from his Twitter persona, Ruth Bourdain, which won him a James Beard Award for Humor in 2011.

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Josh Friedland

The Best Low-and-Slow Meat in the City of Orange 4 MIN, 47 SEC

Gustavo Arellano is the editor of the OC Weekly, author of Taco USA, and he writes the syndicated column, Ask a Mexican. He says some of the best low-and-slow meat can be found at El Torito Nuevo in Orange.


El Torito Nuevo
1175 N. Tustin St
Orange, CA 92867

He recommends the barbacoa de borrego estilo Texcoco (lamb BBQ) and the montalayo de borrego (lamb haggis).

Taco USA

Gustavo Arellano

Jonathan Gold Goes Bananas for Cream Pie 3 MIN, 59 SEC

Jonathan Gold, the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Times, returns to judge this year's Good Food Pie Contest. He extols the virtues of his favorite category: the cream pie.

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Market Report 8 MIN, 1 SEC

Santa Monica Farmers' Market manager Laura Avery talks with Jesse Barber, chef/owner of Dudley Market, as he shops for Frog Hollow Farm's Warren pears and pork from Weiser Family Farms. He highlights his seasonal new menu offerings, including a roasted pear napoleon with salsa verde, served alongside pork chops, and a Warren pear and cucumber gazpacho made from leftover pear trimmings.

Farmer Al Courchesne of Frog Hollow Farms is back at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market with his Warren pears. The drought has been devastating for his farm as water prices have skyrocketed from $25 an acre to $650 an acre.

Check out Jesse Barber's recipe for Pear and Cucumber Gazpacho on the Good Food blog.

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Einkorn is Nature's Last Untouched Wheat 5 MIN

Einkorn is the only wheat in existence that has never been hybridized or modified. Jovial Foods founder Carla Bartolucci came across einkorn when searching for an alternative grain for her daughter, who is gluten-sensitive. Bartolucci substitutes einkorn into a wide variety of modern wheat-based recipes in her cookbook Einkorn: Recipes for Nature's Original Wheat.

Try baking with Einkorn flour in Carla's recipe for Dairy-Free Coconut Pound Cake. You'll find it on the Good Food blog.

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Carla Bartolucci

From Vacant Lots to Urban Bounty 8 MIN, 35 SEC

D'Artagnan Scorza is the executive director at the Social Justice Learning Institute in Inglewood. Clare Fox is the executive director of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council. Together, they discuss the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone, a new program that allows LA County landowners to receive tax incentives for putting vacant lots to agriculture use.

If you are a landowner or an urban gardener interested in the project, email for more information.

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The Renovated Clifton's Cafeteria Reopens 4 MIN, 11 SEC

After five years and $10 million worth of renovations, Clifton's Cafeteria has reopened its doors in Downtown LA. Clifford Clinton originally started the beloved comfort-food restaurant back in 1935. Now, developer Andrew Meieran's extensive remodel will attract a new generation of customers. Writer Gideon Brower attended Clifton's soft opening and gives us a sneak preview of what to expect.

You'll find some of Gideon's photos from the opening preview on the Good Food blog.

Music: Live recording of Pete Jacobs Swingtet at the Clifton's Preview

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