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Farm Bill Update 10 MIN, 13 SEC

Last week, Congress failed to pass a controversial Farm Bill that was being lauded as a key piece of GOP legislation. The bill aimed to toughen work requirements for SNAP recipients, among other drastic changes. Staff writer and associate editor at the Food Environment Reporting Network, Leah Douglas returns for an update on Farm Bill’s journey out of Congress.

Market Report: Avocados 7 MIN, 53 SEC

Whether it’s spread on toast, thrown on a salad, or laden
with ceviche, avocados never go out of style. Photo via

Chef-owner Mark Peel of Prawn at The Grand Central Market and Old Town Pasadena joins Laura Avery at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market to talk about the beloved avocado. Farmer Marguerita Smith of Mud Creek Ranch in Santa Paula offers her thoughts on the surge in popularity for the California staple.

'Feast' 11 MIN, 59 SEC

Lebanese Fatayer from ‘Feast’ by Anissa Helou. Photo by Kristin Perers.

Ramadan is underway around the world. The month-long observance began on May 17 and will last until June 15. After sunset, many observant Muslims will break their fasts with customary meals. Anissa Helou explains some of the traditional meals eaten to break the fast. Helou’s latest cookbook “Feast: Food of the Islamic World,” paints a colorful portrait of the flavors and culinary traditions of North Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.


Anissa Helou

Sidewalk vending in Los Angeles 7 MIN, 49 SEC

After five years of debate, the LA city council finally approved a plan last month to regulate sidewalk vending. Now, city officials are writing an ordinance that will let street vendors sell their wares, including food carts. However, writing one ordinance that applies to all types of vendors will prove to be a challenge. LA Taco editor Daniel Hernandez joins Chery Glaser to discuss the hurdles.

Jonathan Gold travels to Tokyo to dine at Narisawa 8 MIN, 18 SEC

“Satoyama Scenery” is one of the Japanese mountainside-inspired dishes
available at Yoshihiro Narisawa’s Toyko restaurant. Photo courtesy of Narisawa.

Recently, LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold flew to Tokyo to meet chef Yoshihiro Narisawa and dine at his two-Michelin-starred restaurant Narisawa. Narisawa was recently featured at the LA Food Bowl, soGold wanted to familiarize himself with the trailblazing chef’s approach to curating a Japanese mountainside-inspired dining experience.

Flexi-discs and food 8 MIN, 54 SEC

A most prized possession. Photo courtesy of Richard Parks III.

On the latest episode of KCRW’s original podcast Lost Notes, Richard Parks III recounts the story of a flexi-disc worth a cool million dollars. He joins Evan to talk about this particular piece of arcane technology and what he learned about its connections to food.

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