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Jen Ferro reflects on Jonathan Gold 5 MIN, 4 SEC

Jonathan Gold’s voice was introduced to the world through Good Food in 1998. Instrumental in bringing him on the show was current KCRW president Jennifer Ferro, who began her radio career as a producer for Good Food. She and Evan Kleiman traded stories about the early years of working with Jonathan.

Publishing Jonathan Gold 5 MIN, 22 SEC

Mike Sigman was publisher of the LA Weekly during both of Jonathan’s stints at the paper. He recalls Jonathan’s early years as an irritable young writer with a penchant for punk music and anarchist thought.

A tribute from former colleagues 3 MIN, 33 SEC

Several of Jonathan’s former LA Weekly colleagues offer their memories of working with Jonathan.

Tom Christie, Former senior features editor at the LA Weekly
Sue Horton, Former editor-in-chief of the LA Weekly
Erica Zora Wrightson, Former LA Weekly writer (@ericazora)

Jonathan's impact on restaurateurs 3 MIN, 18 SEC

At a time when restaurant criticism was fixated on fine dining, Jonathan Gold championed taco trucks, Ethiopian food, and San Gabriel Valley noodle shops. His insistence on taking these cuisines seriously transformed lives, saved restaurants, and brought a renewed sense of pride to those communities. Writer Gustavo Arellano talks about what Jonathan meant to local restaurateurs.

A memorial to Jonathan Gold at Lonzo's Bakery in Culver City. Photo by Nick Liao.

Chefs remember Jonathan Gold 8 MIN, 23 SEC

LA chefs remember how Jonathan touched their lives.

Roy Choi, 3 Worlds Cafe
Jordan Kahn, Vespertine
Raul Ortega, Mariscos Jalisco
Jazz Sinsanong, Jitlada
Genet Agonafor, Meals by Genet
Jet Tila, Iron Chef (@jettila)
Sang Yoon, Father’s Office and Lukshon (@chefsangyoon)

Good Food's producers reminisce on waiting for Jonathan Gold 5 MIN, 8 SEC

Jen Ferro’s successors as managing producer of KCRW’s Good Food recall their time working with Jonathan.

Five generations of producers, spanning Good Food’s 21-year tenure,
reflect on working with writer Jonathan Gold. (L-R, Rosalie Atkinson, Harriet Ells,
Abbie Fentress-Swanson, Evan Kleiman, Nick Liao, Jennifer Ferro, Laryl Garcia,
Gillian Ferguson.) Photo by Andrew Herrold.

Jonathan's generosity 5 MIN, 47 SEC

LA Times arts and culture writer Carolina Miranda was not only was a colleague of Jonathan’s during his final years at the Times, she was a friend who often dined in his home. Evan spoke with her about their time working together.

Carolina Miranda talks with Jonathan Gold at the USC
Annenberg School of Communications in 2017. Courtesy of Carolina Miranda.

Dining out with Jonathan 4 MIN, 57 SEC

In the past six years, New York writer Peter Meehan shared more meals with Jonathan than anyone outside of Jonathan’s immediate family. The former Lucky Peach editor describes what those excursions were like.

Jonathan's impact beyond LA 3 MIN, 48 SEC

Eater national critic Bill Addison recently wrote an article declaring California to be “the most influential force in American dining,” even surpassing New York. He joins Evan to talk about how Jonathan helped make that possible.

'City of Gold' 4 MIN, 36 SEC

Filmmaker Laura Gabbert spent nearly five years filming Jonathan Gold for her acclaimed documentary about Jonathan, called “City of Gold.” She shares with Evan what she learned about him during that time.

Jonathan Gold's ruling for eating out 6 MIN, 17 SEC

In 2010, Jonathan gave Evan Kleiman his rules for finding good restaurants. Eight years later, his wisdom is still timeless.

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