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Photo by Stan Lee

Building Honey's Kettle from the ground up 17 MIN, 32 SEC

Vincent Williams began his career in the food industry 40 years ago, working his way up from prepping chickens on the graveyard shift for the Golden Bird company. In 2004, he began serving up his own perfected version of the fried bird at Honey’s Kettle. Williams shares the story of how Honey’s Kettle rose from being in the red at its original location in Compton to the thriving Culver City institution that it is today.

Opening up Biergarten in the middle of Koreatown 9 MIN, 35 SEC

Competition and density are real struggles for any restaurant in this busy city. How do new restaurateurs differentiate themselves from the rest of LA’s crowded culinary landscape? At the age of 20, Ann Kwon took over her family’s business in Koreatown and created a niche for their sports bar and restaurant, Biergarten. It all started with craft beer and German fried rice...

A family's tough decision to shutter Simbal 12 MIN, 53 SEC

In 2015, Shawn Pham and his family took out a lease on a 3,200-square-foot space and invested over $1 million to open a restaurant in Little Tokyo. Simbal served a Southeast Asian-inspired menu to rave reviews. But this February, the family made the very tough decision to shutter the business. Pham discusses the many challenges the restaurant faced that led to his decision to close.

Jonathan Gold dines at The Ponte 3 MIN, 22 SEC

This week, Jonathan Gold does “California food with an Italian overlay” at The Ponte, chef Scott Conant’s recently opened Mid-City restaurant. Learn why this exceptional pasta al pomodoro, of Scarpetta fame, is now back on the plates of diners at The Ponte. You can also find out what else to try in Jonathan’s LA Times review.

Veal and pork polpette over semolina pudding with
broccoli rabe pesto at The Ponte. (Photo by Camellia Tse)

The Ponte: 8265 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048 | (323) 746-5130

Pok Pok closes in Chinatown 6 MIN, 50 SEC

Andy Ricker serves his take on Thai food at five Pok Pok locations throughout Portland, Oregon, and one in Brooklyn, New York. In 2015, his noodle bar and flagship restaurant opened its doors in LA’s Mandarin Plaza. He gives us some insight into why he recently decided to cease operations at his Chinatown location.

Weathering the storms at Michael's 5 MIN, 15 SEC

In 1978, Michael McCarty opened Michael’s in Santa Monica before opening a second location in New York a decade later. He fills us in on the hurdles he’s cleared along the way to stay in business and explains the thinking behind his call to enact a “tip credit” and revise the tip system in California.

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