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The Good Food Team selects their favorite segments of 2013.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Trois Mec: More than Just Three Guys in a Pizza Place

gf130629trois-mec.jpgJonathan Gold discusses Trois Mec, the much anticipated brick and mortar from Ludo LeFebvre and partners Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. Known for his popular LudoBites pop ups, LeFebvre has settled down in a 26-seat former Raffallo's Pizza spot tucked in the corner of a nondescript parking lot at Highland and Melrose. The dinner is a set menu (with a vegetarian option) for $75 plus tax and tip. Wine is not included in the price. Instead of making reservations, guests are required to purchase tickets for dinner in advance.

Trois Mec
716 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(no phone number)

All of Jonathan Gold's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food restaurant map.

Guest Interview Ventura Cnty Chicken Show: Westminster Dog Show for Exotic Chickens

Independent producer Gideon Brower reports from the Seaside Feather Fanciers Spring Fling in Ventura. The last chicken show of the season, the Ventura event is one of many shows that judge exotic chickens. Check out photos of the competing poultry on the Good Food blog.




This segment was made possible by KCRW'S Independent Producer Project with special thanks to Eric Drachman.

Guest Interview Seven Courses of Boa Constrictor

Deep End Diner Eddie Lin attends a dinner where snake is the star of the meal. Chef Lupe Liang of Hop Woo restaurant in Chinatown cooks a seven-course meal for Lin and his family. Snake is eaten regularly in China where it is thought to keep you warm, give you strength and keep mosquitoes at bay.

Guest Interview Local Malts for Local Beers

Brent Manning and Brian Simpson own Riverbend Malt House in Asheville, North Carolina. They are producing the first commercial malt in their area since before Prohibition.

Read more about their operation in this article from Modern Farmer.

Guest Interview Introducing the New Face of SPAM - Roy Choi
Roy Choi is the man behind the Kogi Truck and he recently opened a new outpost of Chego in Chinatown. His latest venture, however, is representing SPAM. Choi has teamed up with the makers of "ham in a can" to promote the product and offer recipes. Find out how he makes his SPAM Mesubi on the Good Food blog.
Guest Interview The Story of Sizzurp

Good Food producer Gillian Ferguson reports on the history of sizzurp, a recreational drug that contains codeine promethazine cough syrup, soda and jolly ranchers. After high-profile rapper Lil Wayne was hospitalized from a suspected sizzurp binge, nationwide scrutiny over the cocktail ensued.

She interviews Lance Scott Walker, author of two forthcoming books about Houston hip hop culture and history, and Dr. Ronald Peters, Associate Professor at Texas University's School of Public Health.

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