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Photo by Aubrie Pick

Tasting menus are bullsh*t (except when they're not) 10 MIN, 13 SEC

When does eating become punishment? As more chefs move to lengthy fixed menus with bills that might very well cost your monthly rent, the decision to dine at restaurants with tasting menus has become a difficult one. Esquire's food and drinks editor, Jeff Gordinier, looks at the pros and cons of tasting menus in his recent article, “Tasting menus are bullsh*t (except when they’re not).”

'Stir, Sizzle, Bake' 12 MIN, 10 SEC

Now, onto one of our favorite tools in the kitchen: the trusty cast-iron skillet. Cook and food writer Charlotte Druckman waxes poetic about these incredibly versatile and practically indestructible pans in her new cookbook, “Stir, Bake, Sizzle.” Try your hand at her pistachio-cherry Danish recipe on the Good Food blog.

Stir, Sizzle, Bake

Charlotte Druckman

Jonathan Gold dines at Irenia 8 MIN, 16 SEC

This week, our favorite food critic, Jonathan Gold, experiences an existential moment while munching on toasted anchovies and salted peanuts at Irenia in Santa Ana. Named after chef-owner Ryan Garlitos’ grandmother, Irenia gives eaters a “Pinoy-California” taste of traditional Filipino dishes like tamarind-soured sinigang made from pork broth and cauliflower kare kare, using fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers markets. Tune in for more of Jonathan’s recommendations, or get the full review on the LA Times website.

Irenia’s toasted anchovies served with sukang sili and herbs. (Photo by Ed Olen)

Irenia: 400 North Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701 | (657) 245-3466

Grapeless wine 12 MIN, 44 SEC

The terroir at Ava Winery boasts neither nutrient-rich soil nor a mesoclimate, but rather test tubes and Bunsen burners. That’s because the synthetic wines are produced in their San Francisco lab without a single grape. It’s enough to make Bacchus’ (and Evan’s) heads roll. Co-founder Alec Lee explains the science behind their grapeless wines.

'Far Afield' 11 MIN, 47 SEC

For a full decade, Shane Mitchell travelled around the world with photographer James Fisher to gather stories for “Far Afield: Rare Food Encounters from Around the World.” Mitchell joins us to discuss the people she encountered and the foods she tasted for the book.

Far Afield

Shane Mitchell

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