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Controversy erupted when the anonymous authors behind the popular “Thug Kitchen” concept were revealed to be a white couple from Hollywood - we talk to the authors and one of their critics about anonymity, perception, race and language. Hans Rockenwagner shares his German-Californian culinary philosophy and Yotam Ottolenghi discusses his new cookbook, Plenty More.

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The Thug Kitchen Controversy 17 MIN, 6 SEC

Thug Kitchen is a popular blog, and now a best-selling book that features vegan recipes juxtaposed with black and white images containing swear words. Until recently, no one knew who the faces behind Thug Kitchen were. It turns out Thug Kitchen consists of Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis, a white couple living in Hollywood.

That revelation led to outrage and downright betrayal felt by some in the African American community. Book tour events in the bay area were cancelled amidst threats of protests, and the online chatter about the book has shifted from brussels sprouts to race and vernacular. Some called it a form of internet blackface. We hear from authors Matt and Michelle and Bryant Terry, a northern California food activist who has been working to share the healthy food message throughout communities of color. Terry wrote an interesting commentary on this controversy for CNN.

Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen

Das Cookbook 7 MIN, 51 SEC

Chef Hans Röckenwagner of the fleet of Röckenwagner bakeries in Southern California has a new cookbook, Das Cookbook, that features the German-American recipes found in his restaurants. Find a recipe for his Jagerschnitzel on the Good Food Blog.

Das Cookbook

Hans Rockenwagner

Jonathan Gold Reviews Petit Trois 6 MIN, 53 SEC

Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the Los Angeles Times. This week he reviews Petit Trois, Chef Ludo’s new casual french bistro in Hollywood.

Jonathan recommends the green beans with horseradish, escargot, chicken leg with brioche butter, and steak tartare.

Petit Trois
718 N Highland Ave
(323) 468-8916

All of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions can be found on the Good Food restaurant map.

Jonathan Gold (1960-2018), Good Food on the Road (@thejgold)

Ottolenghi’s Plenty More 9 MIN, 5 SEC

Few cookbook authors have had the impact that Yotam Ottolenghi has just in the past five years. His books Ottolenghi, Plenty and Jerusalem have motivated home cooks everywhere. He talks about his new book Plenty More.

Plenty More

Yotam Ottolenghi

Market Report 6 MIN, 53 SEC

Laura Avery talks to Woogene Lee of Fundamental LA about the versatility of persimmons. At the restaurant they shave them, poach them, puree them and even turn them into a doughnut.

Alyssa Burkart is a third generation farmer from Dinuba. She and her family sell certified organic giant fuyu persimmons, as well as dried persimmons at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market.

Ebola’s Link to Bushmeat 7 MIN, 56 SEC

Bushmeat, or wild game, has been linked to the origin of the ebola outbreak. A two year old, now dubbed child zero, contracted the virus from an encounter with a bat. A team of researchers has been studying the cultural traditions of eating bushmeat and why certain communities are willing to take the risk. Dr. Alexandra Mannerings, lead author on the study, explains.

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