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Stewart Resnick's water empire 20 MIN, 44 SEC

Journalist Mark Arax recently drove into the belly of California’s San Joaquin Valley to find out more about the Beverly Hills couple responsible for California’s Central Valley “nut rush.” They’re an elusive, powerful husband and wife who happen to be the biggest farmers of irrigated land in the US. He wrote about their controversial practices, including a secret water pipeline, in a widely read 54-page story for The California Sunday Magazine.

A Wonderful citrus orchard in the San Joaquin Valley.
Photo by Trent Davis Bailey for The California Sunday Magazine.

'Eat Less Water' 8 MIN

Some experts say half of the people living on Earth in 2030 will experience intense water scarcity. This would mean soaring death tolls and an unprecedented rise in military conflict. Florencia Ramirez is the author of “Eat Less Water.” She traveled over 16,000 miles interviewing farmers and food producers and concluded that the solution begins in the kitchen.

Eat Less Water

Florencia Ramirez

Fishing in Cambodia 5 MIN, 29 SEC

Tonle Sap Lake is the lifeblood of the fishing industry in Cambodia. Last year, Tonle Sap was deemed by the Global Nature Fund as the most threatened lake in the world. Journalist Abby Seiff wrote for Eater about the factors precipitating the crisis and their effects on the fishing community.

Making and marketing 'moonshine' 15 MIN, 5 SEC

Not long ago, contributor Peter Gilstrap began noticing a liquor advertised as “moonshine” on liquor store shelves. He wondered: if it’s legal, how can it be called moonshine? So Gilstrap went into the backwoods of Tennessee to speak with a couple of longtime moonshiners, a local food critic, and even a maker of the newer stuff to find out the real story behind the illicit spirit.

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Conserving water in LA 7 MIN, 7 SEC

Mark Gold is the UCLA Associate Vice Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability. He’s been working in the field of water policy for decades. He’s also brother to resident food critic Jonathan Gold. Mark Gold stops by Good Food to share how LA’s water conservation efforts are going, while offering practical tips to help stave off another statewide drought.

Hollywood Reservoir, also known as Lake Hollywood, was created by
the Mulholland Dam in 1924. Photo by Flickr user

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