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Hospitality lessons 11 MIN, 42 SEC

Interior decor at The NoMad Hotel and restaurant. (Photo by Benoit Linero)

Will Guidara, along with Daniel Humm, is behind the restaurant currently ranked best in the world: Eleven Madison Park. He’s also a fellow mastermind behind The NoMad Hotel and The NoMad Bar in New York, which just made its LA debut. He joins Evan to talk about creating memorable and welcoming experiences for guests.

Straight from the source 10 MIN, 16 SEC

Victor Ramos distills his mezcal in copper pots,
heated by wood fire.
 (Photo by Elena Marini)

Former Good Food supervising producer Gillian Ferguson reports on the mezcal boom from the state of Oaxaca, where 70% of mezcal is made. This piece was made with support from KCRW’s Independent Producer Project.

"Knife Skills" 10 MIN, 39 SEC

Edwin’s Leadership Institute & Restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio is a culinary training program for formerly incarcerated men and women. They are trained to prepare and serve fine French cuisine despite having little to no restaurant experience. “Knife Skills” is filmmaker Thomas Lennon’s documentary about Edwin’s opening, and its charismatic CEO, Brandon Chrostowski. This film recently earned an Oscar nod.

How "Hippie Food" went mainstream 9 MIN, 38 SEC

San Francisco Chronicle food writer Jonathan Kauffman has a story to tell about how formerly fringe foods like hummus, tofu, granola, entered contemporary American food culture. He’s written about it in a new book, “Hippie Food: How Back-to-the-Landers, Longhairs, and Revolutionaries Changed the Way We Eat.”

Hippie Food

Jonathan Kauffman

Market Report: Dates 7 MIN, 49 SEC

Laura Avery talks about California’s incredible dates with Daniele Uditi, chef and partner of Pizzana in Brentwood and farmer Everett DaVall of Dates by DaVall in Indio.

Marché Moderne nouveau 6 MIN, 23 SEC

Amelia and Florent Marneau, the power couple behind
Marché Moderne courtesy of Florent Marneau

Jonathan Gold visits Marché Moderne, the posh French restaurant from Florent and Amelia Marneau that relocated to Newport Beach last fall. His recommendation? Do not skip the lovingly prepared coq au vin.

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