Outdoor watering ban amid heat wave: What happens if Angelenos don’t follow it?

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“Every bit of it [water] that we can conserve is just that much better for next year in case it's also dry. It's [as if] your bank balance, your savings balance, is getting low, and you've got to be really careful about how you spend it,” says Brent Yamasaki, operations chief for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Photo by Shutterstock.

A major water utility in Southern California has asked 4 million of its customers to stop watering their yards for two weeks while the company repairs a pipe. 

In the race to elect LA’s next mayor, Congresswoman Karen Bass is in the lead after her June primary win. How can real estate mogul Rick Caruso catch up?

More Black and Brown Californians are seeking respite in the affordable and spacious Inland Empire, but the area’s long history of inequality can’t be erased overnight.