$400 rebate per car: Enough to ease pain at CA gas pump?

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The sun rises on Megan Bailey’s Monday commute as she approaches the 15/215 interchange. She won’t stop driving to work amid record-high gas prices. She and her partner are cutting costs elsewhere — fewer trips and no more cable TV. Photo by Megan Bailey.

Gas prices just reached a record high, so California will return a big chunk of its budget surplus to drivers. But for super commuters, a $400 rebate won’t last two weeks.

Some LA transit officials are concerned that unhoused Angelenos aboard the county’s buses and trains are preventing ridership numbers from returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Members of Crosswalk Collective LA have taken it upon themselves to paint crosswalks in the city. “If our city won’t keep us safe, we will keep us safe,” they tweeted.