Jemele Hill on ESPN: ‘They really didn't accept who we were’

“I always knew I deserved better. … My mother never made it seem like the path that she was on was the right path, and she decidedly told me it was the wrong one. And so the idea of going to college, making a better life for myself was always something they reinforced time and again,” says Jemele Hill. Courtesy of Jemele Hill.

In her new memoir “Uphill,” journalist Jemele Hill recounts her high-profile departure from ESPN, and growing up poor in Detroit to a single mother.

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries has been elected as the next Democratic leader in the U.S. House. He'll be the first Black man to lead a major party in Congress.

Traits and attributes that animals find appealing may not make sense in a warming world, such as a lion’s dark and bushy mane or a peacock’s picturesque plumage.

“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” made $13 million during its limited one-week run in theaters. Netflix plans to stream the film starting December 23.