McDonald’s employee on working in fast food during COVID-19

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti issued an order that as of this Friday, all essential employees in the city are required to wear masks.

“Employers are required to provide these face protections or to reimburse employees for their costs. This applies to workers in grocery stores,  drug stores, restaurants, hotels, taxis and rideshare vehicles, and construction sites,” he said.  

Though all restaurants closed their dining areas in California, many are still open for carryout, delivery, and drive-thru.

Earlier this week, workers walked out of South LA locations for McDonald’s and Domino's after fellow employees tested positive for COVID-19.

McDonald’s has said they were doing daily wellness checks and thermometer readings of employees, and sending face coverings to areas most in need. But many workers nationwide say it’s not happening consistently across all locations.

We hear from Adriana Alvarez, a nine-year employee of McDonald’s in Chicago and still on the job.