Work heavily shapes American identity. How can we change it?

“After years and years of exploitation in the labor force … it's now required that you subsume yourself for the good of your company, and the person who's willing to sacrifice the most … is rewarded. … That's the part that has gotten completely out of control,” says Charlie Warzel, co-author of “Out of Office: The Big Problem and Bigger Promise of Working from Home.” Photo by Shutterstock.

The authors of “Out of Office” discuss how telecommuting can make people feel an unhealthy need to constantly work, and why it’s problematic to tie so much of your identity to your job. 

The threat of war looms along the Russian-Ukrainian border, where nearly 100,000 Russian troops are stationed.  The White House says Russia could attack Ukraine at any point. 

Today AT&T and Verizon activated 5G service to millions of cellphones in select U.S. cities. But if you live within two miles of an airport, you’re stuck with 4G.

André Leon Talley was the first Black man to serve as Vogue’s creative director, pushing for racial and gender diversity in fashion. He died Tuesday at age 73.