Everyone is heartbroken — you can find connection and joy through pain, says poet

“Once we all recognize that we're heartbroken, then we can get down. We can dance. We can get real. We can get to work,” poet Ross Gay says. Photo by Shutterstock.

Can happiness come from life’s biggest sorrows? Poet Ross Gay explores the idea in his new book called “Inciting Joy.”

People can now get mifepristone, the drug that induces abortion, from big chain pharmacies. If you’re in a state that bans the health procedure, you can get the drugs delivered via USPS.

Twitter is reinstating the account of Andrew Tate, dubbed by some as the king of toxic masculinity. He was arrested recently on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal group.

California is getting slammed with storms. Is it possible to efficiently capture the rainwater for future use?

From late fall through January, try olio nuovo, as it is called in Italian, or new oil. The fleeting seasonal product is bottled and sold immediately after pressing in the late fall or early winter.