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author, 'The Dew Breaker'


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Edwidge Danicat

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What do you do when the neighbors call the cops on your backyard show? Turn the kitchen into a sound booth, shove the dining table out of the way, and start rolling.

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Who says Angelenos don’t care about history? Since the Leonis Adobe became Cultural Monument No. 1 in LA, the city has designated more than 1,000 others.

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At a time when the war that could end civilization escalates, peace activist Ron Kovic marks his July 4 birthday sounding the alarm about the true costs of war, a sentiment shared by…

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Filmmaker Peter Jackson was 3 years old when The Beatles first appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show” on February 9,1964.

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Michelle Wilde Anderson speaks to Robert Scheer about how four working class towns struggling with poverty and broke governments still managed to progress.

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The Hollywood Bowl celebrates its centennial this July. KCRW looks at its origin story and legacy in LA. Listeners also share their favorite experiences there.

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Hulu gets 58 Emmys’ nominations this year, but its future as a streaming platform remains unclear.

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With Baz Luhrmann and an endorsement from Elvis’ estate, Warner Bros. hopes to cash in with their new feature film “Elvis.”

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