Marc Yeber

Principal for EM Collaborative Studio


Furniture designer and design principal for EM Collaborative Studio based in West Hollywood, California

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Architecture in the Shadow of Stalin

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The Bundesliga resumed this month with soccer teams playing to empty stadiums. It’s the first major sports league in the world to restart amid the coronavirus health crisis.

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Cities nationwide have erupted in anguish and protest after police recently took the lives of African Americans: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and  Ahmaud Arbery.

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At a federal prison along the Central Coast in Santa Barbara County, more than 1,000 inmates and correctional officers have tested positive for COVID-19.

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The state is giving the go-ahead for in-person religious services to resume. But attendees must wear face coverings and be screened for fevers.

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Artists, galleries, and curators are finding unique ways to collect donations for Black Lives Matter, Minnesota Freedom Fund and other social justice groups.