Peter Enrich

Professor of law at Northeastern University


Professor Enrich was general counsel to the Massachusetts Executive Office for Administration and Finance before joining the law school's faculty. Following law school, Professor Enrich clerked for former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer during his tenure on the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

Professor Enrich frequently serves as an advisor to state and local governments and to advocacy groups interested in state and local fiscal policy, and has served two terms as an elected selectman in Lexington, Massachusetts. Professor Enrich, working together with consumer activist Ralph Nader, is pursuing pathbreaking litigation to challenge the constitutionality of state tax giveaways used to compete for businesses. After achieving a victory in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, Professor Enrich argued the case before the Supreme Court in March 2006. The high court overturned the Sixth Circuit's ruling on procedural grounds, returning the case to the Ohio state courts.

Prior to his legal career, Professor Enrich was a doctoral student and instructor of philosophy at Princeton University, and an instructor of philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, specializing in epistemology and social theory. Professor Enrich teaches Contracts; Legal Skills in Social Context; State and Local Government; and State and Local Taxation.

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