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Martini Shot

Martini Shot

Veteran TV writer and producer Rob Long shares his behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood life on "Martini Shot." A contributing editor for the National Review and Newsweek International, he was a co-executive producer of "Cheers" while still in his 20s and is the co-creator of a string of (cancelled) sitcoms: "George & Leo," "Men, Women & Dogs," etc. Rob is also the author of "Conversations With My Agent," the cult classic about real life in Hollywood, as well as its recently published sequel, "Set Up, Joke, Set Up, Joke."

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Rob flies through the air like a superhero. Actually, he just jumps over a puddle. But it feels the same. more >>

Speak Up

Rob wrote this Martini Shot on a conference call. He also bought a ticket to New York. He does a lot of things when he's on a conference call. Except pay attention. more >>


Rob becomes a director. One who occasionally forgets to say, "Cut." And "Action." Turns out, directing is hard work. Who knew? more >>

Morality Tale

Rob's punished for texting while driving, by being rear-ended by someone who was texting while driving. It's a morality tale... more >>

Do You Love It Too?

Rob redefines a hit TV show. It's anything that could possible have its own Kickstarter. more >>

Do It Right

Everything can work, there’s nothing that audiences won’t like. As long as it’s good... more >>

Where Lucy Died

Rob gets some bad news about a project and, like all writers, he can only think about one thing: where is he going to eat? more >>

This Is a Dialogue

We have a very good creative dialogue in which only one person gets to talk. In other words, we get notes on our script. more >>


A new app Rob thinks everyone in Hollywood – or at least everyone in his address book – should have. It's called Secret and it's a way to... more >>


Rob runs into an old PA at lunch. Twenty years ago, he was clueless, sweaty and doughy. Now he’s sleek and successful, and Rob’s a little sweaty and doughy and … more >>

Very Superstitious

Looking for signs. When the phone rings and you're doing something cool, it's good news. When it rings and you're taking out the trash, don't answer it. more >>


For 2014, get stuff done on time, be prompt, in other words, to be a completely different kind of person. more >>

That Wouldn't Happen

A really cool way to steal a lot of money from ATM's. Only trouble is, according to law enforcement, it could never work in real life... more >>

Spoiler Alert

Ruining the ending to an old movie, and old play and World War II. Spoiler alert! more >>

Merry Merry

Figuring out what to call that thing that happens in December without mentioning what that thing is. more >>
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Rob Long

Rob Long presents a laugh-out-loud, mostly true telling of life behind the scenes of the "real" Hollywood.



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