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The Lebanese army is deploying equipment and soldiers south of the Litani River, but France may be backing away from its promise to lead a peacekeeping force.  That development… and the impact of Hezbollah’s success on Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.  Plus,  a federal judge rules that the NSA's warrentless wiretaps are illegal, and the US Coast Guard arrests a leader of one of Mexico's major drug smuggling rings.

Making News Judge Rules Warrantless Surveillance Unconstitutional 6 MIN

In Detroit, US District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor has ruled that warrantless wiretapping by the National Security Agency is unconstitutional, violating the rights to free speech and privacy and the separation of executive and congressional powers. Evan Caminker, Dean and Professor of American Constitutional Law at the University of Michigan Law School, served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Clinton Administration.

Evan Caminker, Professor of American Constitutional Law

Main Topic After Southern Lebanon, What about the Palestinians? 38 MIN

UN Security Council Resolution 1701 stopped the fighting in southern Lebanon with the promise that France would help enforce it by leading a 15,000 member peacekeeping source. Today, the French newspaper Le Monde reported that France is scaling back to a "symbolic" contingent of 10 officers and 200 engineers. Meantime, as Hamas and the Palestinian Authority talk about forming a "unity government, there's a threat to dissolve all civil institutions and demand that Israel keep order in the West Bank and Gaza. Has the success of Hezbollah emboldened militants or will it lead to diplomacy in the region's oldest conflict? What about Israel's plan to pull out of the West Bank?  We get an update from the UN and the Palestinian territories, where events have been out of the limelight because of the fighting in Lebanon.

Evelyn Leopold, Contributor, Huffington Post
Augustus Richard Norton, Professor of International Relations, Boston University
Avi Issacharoff, Ha'aretz (@issacharoff)
Mouin Rabbani, Institute for Palestine Studies (@jadaliyya)
Mark Heller, Principal Research Associate, Tel Aviv University's Institute for National Security Studies

Reporter's Notebook Head of Mexican Drug Cartel Arrested 10 MIN

Yesterday, off the coast of Mexico, the US Coast Guard boarded a fishing boat and arrested Javier Arellano Felix, the leader of what US officials call the "most violent drug-trafficking operation in the Tijuana-Baja California area." The Arellano-Felix organization is accused of murder, kidnap and torture in order to maintain control of drug smuggling from Mexico to California. Greg Krikorian covers federal law enforcement and homeland security for the Los Angeles Times.

Greg Krikorian, Reporter for the Los Angeles Times


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