The 'Missing' Stories of 2009
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The 'Missing' Stories of 2009

Call them the "missing" stories of 2009, important events that didn’t really register in the mainstream media. From new global alliances to simmering conflicts, guest host Sara Terry looks at some of the stories that could well be shaping the year ahead. Also, the Senate healthcare bill could be passed by Christmas, and back on the streets, tens of thousands of iranians mourn the death of Iran’s top dissident cleric.

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Making News

Senate Healthcare Bill Could Be Passed Christmas Eve ()

In a procedural vote early this morning, Senate Democrats set the course for a series of final measures that appear to guarantee passage on Christmas Eve of a far-reaching overhaul of the nation's healthcare system. Drew Armstrong reports on healthcare for Congressional Quarterly.


Main Topic

The 'Missing' Stories of 2009 ()

With stories like Afghanistan, healthcare reform – and Tiger Woods -- taking up prime-time media space, it's no wonder some important stories slipped below the radar. Consider these: a hot line between India and China to avoid possible war, a CIA plan to secretly train college students for careers as spies, a breakthrough at the Arctic Circle that's good for business but bad for mother earth. We look at several stories to which we should all be paying closer attention.


Reporter's Notebook

Cleric's Death Gives Opportunity for Protest in Iran ()

In Iran today, tens of thousands of opposition supporters turned out on the streets of Qom, for the funeral of the country's top dissident cleric, Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri.  The day was also marked by protest, as many mourners chanted anti-government slogans, despite the presence of security forces. Borzou Daragahi is Middle East Correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.


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