Addressing the issues of exoticizing Asian women and food

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“What I make sure I do in all my food reporting is just address this idea of a monolith and use my privilege to stress we are all really diverse,” says food writer Esther Tseng (right). She is joined by Chef Minh Phan of PHENAKITE and porridge + puffs to discuss visibility, service, and the idea of authenticity. Photo courtesy of Hazelnut Photography and Linda Nguyen.

“In Hollywood, most of the time we don’t actually feel for Asian Americans. We see them in service of others,” writes Celine Parreñas Shimizu in a recent article for the Washington Post. Karen Tongson, Chef Minh Phan, and food writer Esther Tseng examine how the food landscape has stereotyped Asian women as often serving others, and being submissive and exotic.