Asparagus; The Psychology of Eating Meat; Grilled Cheese

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Laura Avery gets an Easter/Passover recipe from Amelia Saltsman plus a taste of seasonal asparagus.  Adrienne Kane suffered a debilitating stroke at age 21. How food gave her a path to recovery.  Clementine owner Annie Miler celebrates Grilled Cheese Month.  What level of denial is involved in eating meat?  Former Freudian psychoanalyst Jeffrey Masson analyzes.  Jenn Savedge resolves the dilemma of reusable water bottle vs. disposable plastic. Korean porridge is just right according to Jonathan has a March madness best-taco-place contest.  Vote for your favorite.  What kind of flour to use is important in baking says Cindy Mushet.  And Hynden Walch started a co-op out of her neighbor's backyard gardens.

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