Bacon Explosion; Barbecue Bonanza; Meatless Monday; Red O

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In honor of Father's Day, Good Food pays tribute to the almighty grill.  Steven Raichlen describes how cooking meat over fire is actually what makes us human.  Host Evan Kleiman and Deep End Diner Eddie Lin visits the chefs at an Orange County barbecue competition.  

Shuji Sakai, aka Professor Salt, was one of the competitors.  We'll taste a bacon explosion with

Jason Day and Aaron Chronister.  Two friends are biking across the country and eating potlucks along the way.  Aaron Zueck and Robert DuBois tell us about their local food journey.  West Hooker-Poletti of Lago restaurant in Santa Monica is going meatless on Mondays.  Plus Anna Lappe tells us how junk food is worse for the environment than SUV's.  And Jonathan Gold dines at Rick Bayless' high-end Mexican restaurant, Red O.