Baking with Beer; Cooking with Liquid Nitrogen; Eddie Huang

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Did you know that you can "cook" with cold? Chef Sang Yoon stops by the KCRW studios with a canister of liquid nitrogen and fresh asparagus to explain the process of cryo-blanching vegetables. Jonathan Gold finds seriously spicy Hunanese food in Rosemead and journalist David Hochman uncovers a secret restaurant hidden in plain sight. St. Patty's Day is Sunday. Why not whip up a batch of Guinness spiked cupcakes? "Beeroness" Jackie Dodd suggests several beer-laden baked goods, from Guinness Chocolate Truffles to Pecan Porter Pie. Author William Knoedelseder recounts the story of the rise and fall of Anheuser-Busch, and food personality Eddie Huang remembers what it was like to take his stinky Taiwanese bao to elementary school when everyone else was munching on Lunchables. At the market, Laura Avery chats with chef Sven Mede about spring salads and celebrates the return of the Zuckerman jumbo asparagus.