Best of 2010; Favorite Tacos; Eating Placenta; La Cevicheria

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Happy New Year.  This week, we'll look back on some of our best segments from 2010.  Jonathan Gold takes us to La Cevicheria for their special bloody clam.  We'll have seven courses of goat with Gustavo Arellano.  Placenta encapsulation specialist Sara Pereira tells us why so many people around the world are eating afterbirth.  We'll hear from the latest food celebrity to hit LA in 2010, a hog farmer named Lefty Ayers.  KCRW's own Matt Holzman shares his five favorite places to get a tacos.  We'll go on a ride-along with Eddie Lin on a food truck.  Plus Dan Shumski shows us that there's more to a waffle iron than just waffles.  And Laura Avery talks to chef DJ Olsen, who has a hangover cure for us.