Best of 2020, meat alternatives, trucking during COVID, bad apples

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Justin Pichetrungsi’s Thai Taco Tuesdays became one of this year’s must-have takeout items. Pichetrungsi shared how his family’s restaurant is faring during the pandemic in a segment of the Good Food series, “In the Weeds.” Photo courtesy of Anajak Thai Cuisine.

The Best of 2020 reads like the ultimate oxymoron. In a year that may be the worst for many of us, Good Food looks back on some highlights. Benjamin Wurgaft looks to the future of food and the use of meat alternatives in the lab. Angeleno Pascal Baudar preserves all that is good after a forage with master fermentation techniques. Jay Singh lets Good Food ride shotgun on his long haul journeys delivering produce and groceries to supermarkets across the U.S. Helen Rosner reads from her piece in The New Yorker, a metaphor for how a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Food scholar Adrian Miller reflects on how food has been weaponized. Finally, Justin Pichetrungsi gave up a career in art direction and concept design to keep his father’s dream alive.



Evan Kleiman