Bison Burgers, Australian Beer, Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

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Ever wonder what chefs feed their kids when they leave the restaurant? Author Fanae Aaron shares some interesting ideas and recipes from chef-parents. and chef Josiah Citrin of Mélisse in Santa Monica shares a recipe that his kids enjoy. Also, for those who prefer to eat out with the kids, Jessica Ritz has some unique ideas for dining out with children in Los Angeles. Kathy and Ken Lindner explain why you should always order a bison burger instead of a buffalo burger. Dr. Frederick Douglass Opie discusses the influence of African foodways on Latin American cuisine. Brew-master Cam Hines explains why there are so few microbreweries in Australia, and filmmaker Werner Herzog recounts his experience cooking and eating his shoe. Plus, the LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold takes us to Monterrey Park, and the OC Weekly's Gustavo Arellano tells us where to find the oldest dish in Mexico.

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