Celebrating 15 Years of Evan Kleiman and 'Good Food'

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On May 24, 1997, Evan Kleiman recorded her first interview as host of Good Food. Today on the show travel back in time and hear classic segments from the last 15 years like a conversation with Julia Child from the summer of 2000 and an interview with Anthony Bourdain about cooking French classics like Duck Confit and Celery Remoulade. Ruth Reichl discusses the importance of anonymity to a restaurant critic and Harold McGee explains what meat glue is. We've been looking to Jonathan Gold for 15 years to find out where to eat in LA. Hear his 2007 review of Jitlada that launched the little restaurant to national fame. Bizarre and quirky segments have always had a place on Good Food, like the story of Dick van Nostrand's Sourtoe Cocktail served in Canada's Yukon. Plus, get a little history with Henry Petroski's anthropological look at the toothpick and Barry Estabrook's dose of food justice with his look at Florida tomato workers.

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