‘In the Weeds’ with Ari Kolender of Found Oyster

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Found Oyster in East Hollywood opened last November with the intention of customers easily dropping in for a cup of chowder, a beautiful grilled branzino, served with a Coors Banquet beer or elegant glass of champagne. The restaurant sources seafood from all over the country, including oysters from Cape Cod and the chef’s hometown of Charleston. Chef and partner Ari Kolender describes pressing the brakes in the first month of quarantine and the expense of creating a dining deck on Fountain Avenue for outdoor service. The restaurant was recently recognized in Esquire as a Best New Restaurant in America. They offer takeout and Maine lobster, diver scallops, swordfish fillets and more from their online seafood shop, Overboard.

Found Oyster sources its seafood from around the country including oysters from Cape Cod and chef Ari Kolender’s hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Photo by Jakob Layman.



Evan Kleiman