Using food as a passport to travel to Central Asia

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Red Sands is the third in a series of books on Central Asia by travel writer and journalist, Caroline Eden. While physically locked in this year, readers can travel through her to Kazakhstan's Kyzylkum Desert or to the city of bread, Tashkent, in Uzbekistan. Eden describes food being divided into two contrasting cultures — that of the nomads and the settled people. Beginning on the shores of the Caspian Sea, in oil-rich Kazakhstan, Eden guides readers into the kitchens of underground desert mosques, walnut forests in Kyrgyzstan, and the orchards of Tajikistan.

“Red Sands” is the third title in Caroline Eden’s travelogue and cookbook series exploring Central Asia, which also includes “Samarkand” and “Black Sea.” Photo courtesy of Hardie Grant.



Evan Kleiman