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Scandinavian pepparkakor cookies contain black pepper and cayenne, and ride the cusp of sweet and savory. Rose Levy Beranbaum suggests using them as an hors d’oeuvre when spread with a soft goat cheese. Photo by Matthew Septimus.

Food writer Rossi Anastopoulo shares the not-always-sweet history of pie in America. Rose Levy Beranbaum delivers the gospel of snickerdoodles in an epic cookbook devoted to cookies. Brian Levy deploys fruits, nuts, grains, and dairy to create "no sugar" desserts. Former Gramercy Tavern pastry chef Claudia Fleming is back with her first cookbook in 20 years, focusing on both savory and sweet baking. Local pie maven Nicole Rucker reveals what inflation and the rising cost of staples like sugar, flour, butter, and eggs means for professional bakers. Finally, baker Sasha Piligian readies herself for Thanksgiving with a sweet potato purchase at the farmer’s market.