Tray-passed truisms: ‘Party Down' takes the glitz off of catering gigs

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(From left to right) Tyrel Jackson, Ryan Hansen, Zoe Chao, Martin Starr, Adam Scott, and Ken Marino play brokedown catering waiters waiting for their big break in "Party Down." Photo courtesy of STARZ.

Los Angeles has always been a place where young people dream and work toward success in entertainment while toiling in hospitality jobs. Catering is an odd profession where waiters are perennially backstage, which can be frustrating for anyone with dreams. The workplace comedy "Party Down" debuted over a decade ago with a window into the catering and events world. Season 3 is a reboot airing on STARZ with returning cast members including Adam Scott, Ken Marino, and Martin Starr. New York Times critic at large Tejal Rao took a look at this inhospitable part of hospitality.

"Party Down" dismantles the glamor associated with big Hollywood parties and offers some honest, behind-the-scenes truisms from the point of view of catering staff, and features (from left to right) Zoe Chao, Tyrel Jackson, and Martin Starr. Photo courtesy of STARZ.

All three seasons of "Party Down" are available on STARZ. Photo courtesy of STARZ.