Hoagies and matzo ball soup: Phil Rosenthal continues his culinary escapades on Netflix

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Phil Rosenthal makes a stop in Philadelphia for hoagies in the latest season of “Somebody Feed Phil.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.

An epicurean known for his appetite, Phil Rosenthal is a bit of a modern day Henry VIII without the waistline. He is treated like royalty as he implores anyone, anywhere, to indulge his Odyssean culinary escapades. The sixth season of his series “Somebody Feed Phil” is now streaming on Netflix.

Paying tribute to his parents Max and Helen, Phil Rosenthal says that he gets his values of generosity and kindness from them. In the new season of “Somebody Feed Phil,” the host surprises them with a visit from a special, New York chef. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Austin, Croatia, and Santiago, Chile are all stops in the sixth season of “Somebody Feed Phil.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.