Midwest winters and nights on the dance floor inspired these sassy, retro ice cubes

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Wisconsin native and LA-based photographer and DJ Leslie Kirchhoff founded Disco Cubes, a company that manufactures bespoke ice cubes. Photo by Leslie Kirchhoff.

Cold, Midwest winters influenced photographer and DJ Leslie Kirchhoff's most recent project, Disco Cubes. Growing up in Wisconsin, she was fascinated by nature and ice from a young age. Kirchhoff recalls pressing her nose up against a frozen lake, mesmerized by a fish swimming beneath the layer of ice. The vivid memory and the principle that ice is one of the few materials that gets less dense as it freezes inspired her bespoke ice cube business.

"I was surprised by how many corners of the internet it got to," says photographer and artist Leslie Kirchhoff of her ice tomato. Photo by Leslie Kirchhoff.

Her process is proprietary but Kirchhoff says she uses directional freezing in her Lincoln Heights studio. Replicating that lake and freezing from only one direction allows her to suspend anything from small flowers to company logos in a cube. All of the impurities are pushed down to the bottom, giving the cube its clarity. Experimenting with silicone molds and using botanicals from her garden in Mt. Washington, Kirchhoff takes three days to produce unique cubes. 

A shoyu cube takes the spotlight in the golden Bloody Mary made with mini sweet yellow tomatoes. Photo by Leslie Kirchhoff.

Hand-delivered orders are available throughout Los Angeles and come with directions for tempering the ice so the cubes don't crack in cocktails. Kirchoff's book is Disco Cube Cocktails.

"I wanted to create something that could grow and change with me as my interests changed," says photographer, artist, and DJ Leslie Kirchhoff, who developed Disco Cubes. Photo by Leslie Kirchhoff.

"Disco Cube Cocktails" elevates ice to the centerpiece of retro '70s libations. Photo courtesy of Chronicle Books.