Nectarines of the gods

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Back in the early 17th century, the term nectarine was used to describe anything of or like nectar, that sugary substance gathered by bees to make honey. In Greek and Roman mythology, nectar is an other-worldly drink consumed by the gods. Nowadays, we know the nectarine to be that smooth-skinned fruit with firm sweet flesh. Nectarines are in the peach family but lack the gene for fuzz.

All this sounds like a lot of pressure riding on one kind of fruit. But John Tenerelli is up to the task. He's been farming for 35 years and grows 15 kinds of yellow and white nectarines at his orchard in Littlerock, California. For the next two weeks, find Diamond Bright nectarines from his farm at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market before they disappear until next year. Heirloom LA produce manager Sarah Delevan suggests trying the stone fruit roasted or grilled with baby heirloom carrots, fresh arugula and a bright, herby vinaigrette. Find her recipe on the Good Food blog.

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