Nicholas Cage’s “Pig,” mythical food, snacks, beer

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In “Pig,” Nicolas Cage veers away from the high-octane action role for his quiet and thoughtful performance as a chef who steps away from the business. Photo courtesy of NEON.

Books and movies have acted as a balm during the pandemic. Food writing provides a sort of fantastical consumption that requires using your imagination and wonder. In a new film starring Nicholas Cage, creators Michael Sarnoski and Vanessa Block worked with Portland chefs in creating the lead role of a truffle hunter in the Oregon wilderness. Science fiction writer Eli Lee taps into personal food memories and the familiar to create imaginary meals in her latest work. From “The Hobbit” to “Star Wars,” Leslie Bilderback recreates dishes described in favorite childhood stories and films in her new cookbook. Stuck on the couch, Folu Akinkuotu started a newsletter during the pandemic that combined her love of snacks and itch to travel. For this week’s “In the Weeds,” Beny Ashburn and Teo Hunter talk about what's on tap at Crowns & Hops, a Black-owned brewery in Inglewood. Finally, it’s apple season at the farmer’s market.



Evan Kleiman